October 28, 2021

The Existence of Hindu Pasraman in Pulang Pisau Regency

Pulang Pisau,  IPI – The existence of Hindu Pasraman in Pulang Pisau Regency of Central Kalimantan significantly grows up. Bimas Hindu noted that there are around 12 non-formal Pasramans located in four districts.

The existence of Hindu Pasraman in Central Kahayan District has for Pasramans. Those are Pasraman Penyang Hatampung of Tanjung Sangalang Village, Pasraman Kaharati of Sigi Village, Pasraman Anak Tabel of Tahawa Village, and Pasraman Sakata Permai of Parahangan Village.

In Banama Tingang District, it can be noted that there are four Pasramans existed, those are Pasraman Penyang Sangkalemu of Tumbang Tarusan Village, Pasraman Teluk Sangkalemu of Pandawei Village, Pasraman Bawi Ayah of Pangi Village, and Pasraman Tampung Karuhei of Pangi Village.

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In Jabiren Raya District, there is only one Pasraman, namely Pasraman Parentas Penyang Hatampung of Garung Village.

Meanwhile, in Kahayan Hilir District, there are three Pasramans, namely Pasraman Saraswati of Pulang Pisau Village, Pasraman Penyang Hatampung of Mintin Village, and Pasraman Bawi Ayah Hadurut of Kalawa Village.

Secretary of the Kaharingan Hindu Religion Regional Council (MDAHK) of Pulang Pisau Regency, Hugeng, M.Pd stated that non-formal Pasraman predominantly involves children on weekends to study religion, ethics, and also arts.

The teachers teaching in those Pasramans come from each villages where the Pasraman is located. Most of them have educational background of high school to bachelor degree.

He said that the number of students in each post varies. Starting from 10 to 20 students.

Pasraman in the district was founded in 2018. The establishment of non-formal pasraman as an effort to facilitate religious education for religious children in the region.

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“We want to provide maximum access to religious education for children. Especially for Hindu children who go to public schools. But they don’t get the maximum religious education, “he remarked.

In the future, he hopes that Pasraman will progress and develop in every village in the that district and some of the pasraman can become formal pasraman.

“I together with the chairman of MDAHK, Mr. Berson, S.Ag, fully support and try to open a foundation and want to propose a formal pasraman,” Hegeng said.

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